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We're excited to announce that the Writing Center will now offer TWO different modes of online writing tutoring—virtual face-to-face tutoring and email draft tutoring!

Virtual/Face-to-Face Tutoring (offered 7 days a week)

When using our Virtual/Face-to-Face tutoring service, students can video chat with tutors and get feedback on their drafts in real-time. Virtual appointments are very much like the in-person appointments we offer in that they are collaborative conversations in which both the writer and the tutor ask questions, share information, and think through solutions. 

Email Tutoring (offered 7 days a week)

Our *new* Email Tutoring service lets students upload a draft of their paper to our scheduling site and get asynchronous, personalized, written feedback from a tutor. This is not a proofreading service! When giving feedback to student writers, our tutors are advised to 1) identify the writer’s highest-priority revision concern(s) and 2) explain specific steps the writer can take to address those concerns, taking into account the requirements of the assignment. Email tutoring is a great asynchronous option for ALL students looking to improve their writing skills!

Check out our new Online Writing Center Website!

Students can learn more about our new online services (and chat with a front desk assistant!), by visiting our new Online Writing Center website. There they will find step-by-step guides for scheduling virtual appointments and submitting email drafts.

Welcome to WCONLINE! To get started, register for an account by clicking the link to the left.

First visit?

Click the link on the left to register. If you have any questions, call 845-575-2735.

How does the Writing Center help?

The Writing Center offers free, 30- and 60-minute one-on-one tutoring sessions to anyone in the Marist College community.  We can work with writers at any stage of the writing process, to brainstorm, draft, organize, develop, revise, or edit, and we can help whether you are on your first or final draft. We are also happy to help assist any type of writing you might be doing, from academic research essays to capping projects, creative writing to job or graduate school application materials.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot write your papers for you (or guarantee good grades), and we cannot copy edit papers either, although we will help you identify patterns of error in your writing and strategies you can use to identify and correct grammar errors. 

For help with citations (including MLA, APA, Chicago, and other citation styles), please contact the Librarians through the Ask-A-Librarian tab at or stop by the reference desk (845-575-3292) located on the main floor of the James A. Cannavino Library.

I'm not on campus; can you still help me?

Yes! We offer online appointments for distance ed students.  If you are a Professional Programs student, a graduate student, taking classes online, or studying abroad, choose the "Online Tutorials" schedule from the drop-down menu at the top to sign up for an online tutorial.  You will receive instructions for your appointment when you sign up for an online tutorial. (See additional instructions below.)

Getting started:

Schedule a time that is convenient. Appointments can be either 30- or 60-minutes long. We are in Library 334, open every day of the week. When you come, let the front desk assistant know your name. Your tutor will meet you and you will be on track to becoming a better writer.

What can I expect when I come? 

You and the tutor will begin by choosing priorities. You can expect tutors to treat your questions with care and respect. Tutors provide options, resources, and support for making improvements. Of course, the final responsibility for revising assignments remains with you.

Tips and Tricks:

  • You can make more progress by coming frequently. Tutors have the same schedule every week, which makes it easy to reschedule with the same tutor.
  • If our appointments are full, please use the waiting list feature. Click on the clock on the upper left corner of the scheduler and you will get a text or email when someone cancels.
  • You are also encouraged to drop in. Although we cannot guarantee a last-minute appointment, if a tutor is available, we will help.
  • If you are a distance ed student, choose the "Online Tutorials" schedule.

Need help making an appointment?

Call us during business hours and we will help: 845-575-2735.

Having trouble?

Write the director, Dr. Kathleen Weisse, at

We love your feedback!

Had a great session? Send us a testimonial and a small image for our website. Send to

How to make an online appointment

  1. Before hitting “Log In,” make sure you have selected the appropriate schedule (for example, “Online Tutorials Spring 2020"). If you select the wrong schedule, that’s okay. You can select an alternate schedule at the top of the appointments page using a drop-down menu above the last, current, and next week links/arrows.
  2. Scheduling online appointments works just like scheduling in-person appointments: simply select an appointment slot from the available times and days and complete the appointment form.
  3. When the time comes to “attend” the session, please make sure you have a functioning microphone to communicate with the tutor. 
  4. Click on the appointment you made and follow the prompt to “launch the session.” Please make sure your browser allows pop-ups as the session may open a new tab or window. Once this has opened, you can paste your essay in the text box provided, or paste a link to a Google Doc that is editable.

If you have any questions about making online appointments (or in-person ones as well), please contact the Writing Center by phone at the number above, by e-mail ( OR, or by stopping by in person. We look forward to working with you!


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